Because Mom's Always Working
Because Mom's Always Working

Finding the balance

Working moms are always looking for the balance (not to mention wishing they can cram extra hours into the day!)  Here's a link to some helpful info on finding the balance:


Pumpkin Picking, Pies and Ponies

Well, we had our very first pumpkin picking experience with the little one, and it was a blast! The farm took everyone on a long hayride, which went past many wooden cutouts of characters that everyone knew (Dora, Boots, Elmo and the rest of the gang)! The hayride brought you out to the field of pumpkins, where we each picked our favorites.  The day was topped off with a pony ride, and a purchase of a delicious apple pie! YUM!  Weekend activities like these can make you forget all about work stress in an instant! Next picking! And perhaps more pie!!    

Falling into a new season

As we enter (albeit begrudgingly) into the fall season, it's good to take the time to look at the new season as a fresh start.  The crisp cool fall air holds new promise of memories to be made with your family.  Although the beach time has ended, you can now go apple picking, pumpkin carving and prepare for the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays.  The children have headed back to school to a new school year, with a new classroom and activities.

Take this time to reflect on what has passed and on all the new things to come.  It's a great time to clear out some of the old (perhaps make  a few donations to your favorite charity by clearing out your closets), spruce up your home and enjoy the beauty that surrounds you.

Because Mom's Always Working

The blog for the working moms

As everyone knows, being a working mom can sometimes be a bit challenging.  This blog is focused towards the working mommies out there who are becoming expert jugglers of the priorities of life.  I'm sure many would agree that being a parent is the most rewarding job in the universe, and we all want to embrace each moment with as much love, energy and joy as we possibly can. 

Being a working mom enables me to focus on the important things, and to remember to "not sweat the small stuff."  Life is way too short, so grab each minute and stretch it as far as you can.  And when things get tough, look into your baby's beautiful eyes and remember what it is all about.